Holiday Shipping

2021 Carrier Suggested Holiday Deadlines*

We expect to see more delays than usual this time of year. We recommend sending packages well before the Carrier Suggested deadline to give your packages the best chance of arriving in time.

FedEx Domestic Shipping (No Money-Back Guarantees)

FedEx Ground: Dec. 15th

FedEx Home Delivery: Dec. 15th

FedEx Express Saver: Dec. 21st  

FedEx 2 Day: Dec. 22nd

FedEx Standard Overnight: Dec. 23rd 

FedEx Priority Overnight: Dec. 23rd

FedEx First Overnight: Dec. 23rd 


UPS Domestic Shipping

UPS Ground: Depends on Shipping Distance

UPS 3 Day: Dec. 21st

UPS 2 Day: Dec. 22nd 

UPS Next Day Air: Dec. 23rd (Money-Back Guarantee)


United States Postal Service

Dec. 15th Retail Ground

Dec. 17th First Class Mail Service

Dec. 18th Priority Mail Service

Dec. 23rd Priority Mail Express Service (Money-Back Guarantee)


International Shipping

Please give us a call regarding delivery times.  These shipments can vary widely depending on country and service. The best thing to do is ship as early as possible.  


*The only services that have a Money-Back Guarantee are UPS Next Day Air and USPS Priority Mail Express. FedEx has suspended all Service Failure Refunds, so there is no refund for any shipment that takes longer to arrive than the estimated date listed on the receipt. We expect that USPS First-Class and USPS Priority packages could take 2-4 days longer for delivery than usual. While the carriers are still delivering packages by the estimated delivery date the majority of the time, we are seeing delays more often than previous years. 


Helpful Hints

· Ship earlier than usual! Shipping deadlines for UPS, FedEx and USPS are listed above. Please remember that these are estimates and we anticipate more delays than usual again this year due to COVID-19.

· Size matters. All carriers use a dimensional weight system on larger packages. Example: a large item may weigh only 5 pounds but require a box size of 20x20x20. It would be billed at a 49 pound rate with UPS and FedEx or a minimum of 20 pounds with the US Postal Service. Also, if you used a box that has one side longer than 60 inches or two sides both longer than 30 inches, the carriers will add a surcharge.

· Package gifts in the smallest box possible that will still protect what you are shipping. Or, avoid the hassle and let us package it for you.

· Shipping to a business address is cheaper than a home address since a fee is added to residential deliveries. Packages are usually signed for at businesses for added security.

· Save time and hassle—let us package items for you. Or, shop our wide selection of shipping and packaging materials.

· Going on a holiday getaway? Avoid paying for a checked bag and let us ship your gifts and luggage. Luggage can be shipped without a box but will incur a surcharge, and carriers will not insure the exterior of your luggage for damage.

Prohibited Items to Ship

· Shipping alcohol, beer and wine is prohibited by all carriers.

· Firearms of any kind

· Many batteries are prohibited. You may ship regular household dry cell batteries but the terminals must be covered to avoid contact.

· Potentially combustible household items (aerosols, perfumes, cleaning supplies, cosmetics, etc.) may not be shipped by air and depending on the item and the carrier, may not be shipped at all.  

· Please let us know if you have any items that are liquid, fragile, perishable or potentially hazardous, including lithium batteries, perfume or mercury.

Packing Tips to D.I.Y.

· Proper packing: two inches of cushioning around all sides of the item is mandatory for insured items. Packing peanuts and bubble wrap are highly recommended. Pack peanuts tightly around the bubble wrapped item. Items may need more packaging protection due to the fragility and/or weight of the item.

· Double box extremely fragile items. Include cushioning inside and between the boxes to absorb shock.

· Avoid wrapping multiple breakable items together in a gift box. These items should either be boxed separately or wrapped appropriately to avoid breakage.

· Pack batteries separately to avoid having battery-powered item switch on during shipment. Cover terminals of batteries to prevent contact and potential fire.

· Tape the opening of the box and reinforce all seams with 2-inch wide packaging tape. Do not use cord, string, twine, duct tape, masking tape, cellophane tape or brown paper wrap.

· Improperly wrapped packages can fall apart during shipment, so include documentation inside the package stating the recipient’s address and description of contents to help locate all the items. Place all items in a plastic bag to prevent item loss, and protect from moisture if left on a front porch for delivery. 

· When using recycled boxes, cover all previous labels and markings. Do not use recycled boxes for fragile or high value items. Do not use old liquor, wine, or beer boxes, as the carriers will not accept these, assuming that the contents is alcohol.

· Package small items, cards, etc., together in a bag and tape it to the larger item to avoid loss when your recipient is opening gifts.

· Perishable items are uninsurable and carriers will not refund shipping charges on weather related delays. Place items in a Styrofoam cooler inside a shipping box. Use freezer packs to ship overnight to keep items cool. Dry ice is not necessary in most cases.  Mark your box with a perishable sticker so that your receiver knows.

· Verify that you have the correct shipping address and zip code to avoid delivery delay.

International Shipping

· Everything is sent via air, which can be somewhat expensive.  USPS, UPS, FedEx & DHL do not ship surface overseas.

· You are required to fill out a commercial invoice (customs document) on any item other than documents. Forms vary depending on the shipping service you select. We provide all necessary forms and will help you with properly filling out the document.

· Every country has different taxes and duties that are applied to incoming shipments. Your recipient may be required to pay taxes and duties based on the valuation of the gift that you are sending.

‚Äč·This year we have seen an increase in both customs delays and customs charges. Depending on the country you are sending to and the item(s) you are sending, sometimes the customs fee matches or exceeds the custom value declared. If you are sending electronics, expect your recipient to have to pay a customs duty or tax to receive it. 

International Shipping Comparison

        UPS, FedEx & DHL

· Offers more reliability

· Offers tracking capability

· Often faster delivery

· More expensive than USPS


US Postal Service

· Most economical way to ship overseas

· Delivery times may be 1slow and/or unreliable

· Likely won't track out of the United States

· Items may get lost in countries with poor postal systems

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