Drop-Off Packages

Amazon Returns at Mailboxes of Iowa City


Mailboxes of Iowa City can not scan the Amazon Return barcodes but we can take Amazon Returns with a shipping label. Mailboxes of Iowa City is not a UPS Store franchise so the "No printer? No problem, print @ The UPS Store" option does not apply to our store.  Follow these steps to select the return method that will give you a shipping label.

1. Click "Other Return Options" (Below the "No printer" option) when choosing how you will mail your return. 

2. Choose the "UPS Dropoff" option and confirm your return.

3. Print your label or email mailboxesic@mailboxesic.com and we will print the label for you. We will save the email until the end of the day for you to bring in your return.

In most cases it is possible to cancel the barcode return and redo the return with the UPS Dropoff option. If Amazon has already sent a replacement, you may not be able to cancel the return. To view picture instructions of how change your return from the barcode to a shipping label, click here



Have A Question About your Amazon Return?

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