COVID-19 Procedure

We have Walk-in Service with up to five customer stations available at a time. If there is no employee available to assist you, please wait outside if you cannot remain at least 6 feet away from other customers. There is hand sanitizer available for customers. Please practice social distancing inside and outside the store whenever possible. Common areas in the store are santized several times throughout the day.  


We will continue to offer Curbside Service in addition to Walk-ins and Pick ups. Call before dropping off your package the first time to give us your payment information or ask to have your card saved while you are here for Walk-in Service. Through our Curbside Service, you can pick up shipping & moving supplies (listed here) or drop off packages to be shipped and professionally packaged if needed. See below for our Curbside Service Guidelines.


Curbside Service Guidelines

  • Payment information must be provided prior to drop off. Call before dropping off your first package to give us your payment information or ask to have your card saved while you are here for Walk-in Service.
  • Write your first & last name and the "Ship To" name & address directly on the package or on a note attached to the package.
  • Please call when you arrive to drop off your package. We can either come out to your car to retrieve your package or watch for you to leave your package outside the front door. You may also come inside briefly to leave your package with an employee if you'd prefer.
  • We will ship using the lowest cost option unless you indicate a time commitment or specific preference. 
  • We will assume no insurance is necessary unless you indicate otherwise.
  • Once you drop off the package, we will process the shipment and email you a receipt with all the shipment information (address, tracking, cost, etc.). 
  • Contact us immediately if there is a mistake on your receipt. Shipments are generally picked up between 4-5p Monday-Friday.
  • Providing us with payment information prior to shipment indicates the customer's acceptance of the terms and conditions of Mailboxes of Iowa City as well as the carriers' in lieu of signing a physical receipt. Our Terms & Conditions can be found here


Feel free to call or email us with any questions or concerns. 


Contact Us

Phone Call: 319-354-2113

Text only: 319-343-8432


Last Update: 8/25/2021

Want to arrange Curbside Service or have a question?

Call us at 319-354-2113 or send us a message by clicking here.



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